Monday, September 24, 2012

Response journal --Grendel as a literary character

What are the most important things we know so far about Grendel? Try to discuss 2 or 3 of the following and give a specific example or brief passage as part of your answer. In other words, as you give your answer to a question, also answer the question, "how do you know?"

·      A key personality trait
·      A key experience and its effect on him
·      What does he value most?
·      What does he want?
·      What does he want to know or understand?
·      How does he think?
·      What bothers or confuses him most?

Friday, September 14, 2012

AP English Assignments

Class 28 (April 1 & 2) Poetry exercise TBA

Class 29 (April 3) Heart of Darkness, part 1; bookmark

Class 30 (April 5) Heart of Darkness, part 2; bookmark; poetry exercise compare-contrast; vocab books lessons 25-26

Class 31 (April 9)—Heart of Darkness, part 3; bookmark; prose style, Middlemarch; vocab quiz 25 & 26

Class 32 (April 10 & 11)—Selected backgrounds and criticism; Blog entry with 3-5 bullet points of importance; poem of the day

Class 33 (April 12 & 15)—Read selected novels; poem of the day; finish discussion of Heart of Darkness essays

Class 34 (April 16)—Read selected novels; in-class essay poetry.

Class 35 (April 18)—Multiple choice AP practice exam

Class 36 (April 19 & 22)—Read selected novels; introduce vocab lessons 27 & 28

Class 37 (April 23 & 24)—vocab quiz lessons 27 & 28; read novels

Class 38 (April 25)—Importance of Being Earnest, Act 1; bookmark

Class 39 (April 29)—Earnest, act 2; bookmark

Class 40 (April 30 & May 1)—Earnest, act 3; bookmark

Class 41 (May 2 & 3)—papers due on selected novels

Class 42 (May 6)—review exercises

Class 43 (May 7 & 8)—review continues

May 9, Thursday, 7:45 AM—AP English Literature exam

Class 44 (Wednesday, May 15)—vocab quiz 29 & 30; Read Oure Faire Englische Tung, chapters 6 & 7; Free Rice semi-final competition between classes; return papers and cards

Class 45 (Friday, May 17)—Free Rice final round; Final day parting ceremony

Thursday, September 6, 2012


See this link for the bookmark instructions I showed you in class.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Several of you have had difficulty "enrolling" in the class through turnitin. Try this:

For AP, use the course ID 4223549 listed in the syllabus, but make sure you use all lower case for the password, apeng.

For English IV, the ID should be 1875359 and the password engIV (the roman numeral in caps, the first 3 letters lower case).

Apparently, the password is quite sensitve (case-sensitive, that is).

Hope this helps. My apologies if I entered this incorrectly on the syllabus.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Handing in your Papers--a few reminders

Your essays on the ethical considerations of a scene or action in Frankenstein are due in class at the beginning of class #7.

Please give me the final draft, the editing draft, and the two peer review worksheets from your teammates.

Also, remember to submit your paper electronically to If you haven't yet "enrolled" in the class, the instructions are on the syllabus on my blog (Part VII).

Citations to the text should be made parenthetically using page numbers, and the edition you consulted should be given in a single Work Cited at the end of the paper (Kindle page numbers may be found by pressing the "menu" button at the relevant passage).

Finally, here is a brief document regarding formatting and headings.