Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shakespeare--final project

English IV: Shakespeare
Messrs. Burns and Coon
Final projects

1.              Select a scene or monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays. Length for monologues is 30-40 lines, for dialogues 60-80 lines. If you can find a scene for 3 characters of 90-120 lines with roughly equal parts, you may select it, but that option is more difficult to find and usually leaves one actor short of the required number of lines. All of the plays are available, although perhaps choosing one you are already familiar with is a logical beginning.
2.              Your final project will consist of several pieces, both in the preparation and staging.
3.              First, create your script. If you need to cut lines or expand the scene to fit the length requirement, do so.
4.              Write the subtext for your scene.
5.              Write character notes for your scene. What is each character’s mood, personality, motivation, state of mind, objective, etc.  A paragraph for each character will suffice.
6.              Write your reason for choosing the scene.
7.              Create a list of props and costumes you will need. Locate the items on your list. Make them “believable”—if you need a dagger, use something that looks like one, not an empty paper towel tube. (No actual knives or guns, for legal and safety reasons).
8.              Written portions of your project are due next Thursday, May 9. Memory quizzes Friday, May 10, final rehearsals Tuesday, May 14, performances Thursday, May 16. If you have AP exams that conflict with any of these dates, be sure to make the necessary arrangements to complete the work.