Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AP--assignments Nov 10--Dec 11 2008

Week of November 10

1. Heart of Darkness: read part I for Day 1, part II for day 3
2. Vocabulary: Cumulative quiz Friday, lessons 1-12
3. No blog due.

Week of November 17

1. Heart of Darkness: read part III for Day 1
2. Waiting for the Barbarians: read parts I & II (to p. 55) for Day 4
3. Blog: Read your assigned section of background and criticism; summarize its most important ideas on your blog in a series of bullet points; due before class day 1, to be presented in brief oral summaries.
4. Multiple-choice quiz Friday

Week of November 24

1. Waiting for the Barbarians: Read part III (to p. 74) for Monday.
2. All sections meet both Monday and Tuesday, no school Wed-Fri (Thanksgiving holiday)
3. No vocab quiz
4. Blog: due day 1 describing initial responses to characters, style, and content of WFB (approx. 300-400 words)

Week of December 1

1. WFB: read part IV (to p. 119) for Day 1, parts V & VI (to p. 152) for Day 3
2. No quiz
3. No blog

Week of December 8

1. Blog: post #2 due for WFB before class Monday. Topic: make a meaningful connection between WFB & HOD. Before writing, read "Three Ways of Going Wrong" by Douglas Kerr on JStor, (Modern Language Review, vol. 95, #1, http://www. jstor.org/stable/3736367) esp. pp. 21-27. Length: 400-500 words.
2. All sections meet both Monday and Tuesday to finish discussion of novel.
3. Semester exam Thursday, December 11, 9 AM. Hormel Arts Center
4. Exam format: Multiple choice-30 minutes. Essay on analysis of passage-40 minutes. Essay on novel-40 minutes.