Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Juniors--course requests

AP vs. English IV
  • Year-long course or two semester courses (World Lit + Shakespeare or Composition or African-American Lit); AP requires permission
  • More reading in AP
  • More difficult, challenging texts
  • Faster pace
  • More papers, blogs, and other writings
  • More responsibility for leading class discussion approx. every other week
  • Tough multiple choice quizzes every other week
  • More demanding grading scale
Who should take AP?
  • People who like English better than any other subject, love to read and discuss
  • B+ or better grades in English II and III
  • Careful readers, logical thinkers, strong writers
  • Highly motivated, always prepared for class (especially important)
  • Like to participate in discussion
  • Highly recommended by Ms. Driscoll
Who should take English IV
  • English class not your highest priority
  • Taking 3 other AP's in Math, Science, Foreign Language
  • Thought the Emily Dickinson questions on the semester exam were impossible
  • Cut corners on daily reading assignments this year
  • Think Beloved is boring and confusing
  • Writing essays not your strength
My selection policy is explained in slightly more detail in this link.

If you think you are right for AP and AP is right for you, see Ms. Driscoll first, then see me for my initials on your course request form.