Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Subtext Assignment--Hamlet

English IV & AP
Hamlet subtext assignment
January 2011
After reading Kenneth Branagh’s screenplay and viewing the scene between Hamlet and Ophelia, write the subtext for Act 3, scene 4 of the play.

Full text of the play may be found on the internet. Go to Google and enter something like Shakespeare MIT (here’s the link ). This will take you to the MIT website directly to Act 3, scene 4 of Hamlet. Download the scene onto a word-processing document and change the name of the queen from Margaret to Gertrude. You are responsible for the portion of the scene beginning with “enter Hamlet” and ending with “exit ghost.”

The goal of your notes is to make the subtext explicit. Subtext refers to all those elements of a scene’s meaning which are implied but unspoken in the text. It includes the characters’ motives, thoughts, emotions, gestures, movements, and tone of voice. (See handout defining subtext).

Add your subtext to the scene. Put your notes in a different type style from the text itself (italics / roman, boldface / roman, etc) to make them easier to identify and read.

Due Friday January 14.