Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pride & Prejudice presentations

Assignment: a brief blog entry in a series of bullet points, accompanied by a short oral presentation (3 minutes), due in class February 14 (Tuesday for section 4), covering the following information:

1. What is the writer's thesis?
2. What are one or two key points the writer makes in support of the thesis?
3. Were you persuaded? Do you agree with the writer's thesis? Why?
4. In what way(s) does this information give you new or increased understanding of the novel or of Jane Austen as a writer?

Readings (Criticism)
Whately and Oliphant, pp. 289-293
Simpson & Harding, pp. 293-299
Van Ghent, 299-306 ***
Duckworth, p. 306
Tave, p. 315
Butler, 319
Auerbach, 326
Johnson, 348
Kaplan, 368
Wallace, 376
Birtwhistle, Conklin, and Nixon, 384-392
Spring, 392
Ahearn & Gray, 399-406
Morgan, 338

Austen, Austen-Leigh, and Tomalin 257-264
Nokes & Honan, 264-269

Letters, p. 270