Thursday, November 15, 2012

Organizing your paper


I-Search a Word: Outline template

I.  The Beginning 

 Why I chose my word 

 What it means to me as I begin to search 

II.  The Middle

  History and major meanings


  Original (oldest) meanings

  Evolution over time, significant use in Shakespeare, Bible etc

  Major changes, added meanings over time

  Contemporary use and meanings

     Most common modern dictionary definition(s)

     Related words, major (most interesting) combining forms



  Occurrences in art, music, journalism, fashion, politics, famous sayings, etc

  Information that was brand new to me or even surprising; discoveries made along the way 

III. The Ending

  Most important, interesting things I learned

  How my search expanded my understanding of a single word 

N.B. I hope this template proves useful. Don’t follow it slavishly as a formula; adapt it creatively and individually to fit the larger patterns of meaning you have learned and the discoveries you have made along the way. If you are genuinely interested in what you are learning, the paper you write will be more interesting as a result.