Monday, December 10, 2012

Update and reminder

A few eagle-eyed class members have pointed out to me that MLA is less than 100% clear on the subject of whether or not to put URL's in Works Cited entries (my position is that they are unnecessary, essentially what MLA says, but they don't say clearly NOT to do so). Also, since I didn't make a big deal about that distinction before the papers were due, it seems inappropriate to penalize writers a point for what I perhaps didn't make clear. Therefore I have adjusted a number of scores upward by a point.

Also, a reminder that an optional peer review session for papers is available on Wednesday, December 12 from 12 to 1:30 in my room. I will have editing sheets on hand for your use. Good luck this week.

And remember when you turn in your hard copy include any stamped drafts and editing sheets. Staple it together, final on top.

Finally, very important, turnitin must be done by 11 AM Thursday and hard copies submitted by that time unless you let me know that you are exercising your "far-away commuter" option, in which case you will drop off hard copy no later than Friday morning by 9AM and still complete turnitin by 11 Thursday.