Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shakespeare--schedule for February

Thursday, January 31--Papers due, Merchant of Venice (+rehearsal time)
Monday, February 4--subtext due for performance scenes (rehearsal)
Tuesday, February 5--memorization quiz for scenes (+rehearsal)
Thursday, February 7--perform scenes, receive notes for final performance
Monday, February 11--final performance
Thursday, February 14--King Lear, act 1
Tuesday, February 19, Lear, act 2
Thursday, February 21, Lear, act 3
Monday, February 25, Lear, act 4
Wednesday, February 27--Lear, act 5
Thursday, February 28--final discussion of King Lear, choose performance pieces, work on subtext
Monday, March 4--work on performance scenes, memory quiz
Wednesday, March 6--perform scenes for notes
Friday, March 9--perform scenes for evaluation
Monday, March 11--??
Wednesday, March 13--in-class essay test on King Lear