Monday, March 11, 2013

Shakespeare--week of March 11


We meet twice this week (not today, the day of the drill; if the drill finishes early, go to Dorrance for the film A Place at the Table).

Wednesday--bring your vocab books and a laptop, either your own or one you borrow from the library or the science department. After completing our vocab pages, I will give you a topic for an essay on King Lear. No books & no internet, just your thoughts on the question. It will be in the form of a compare/contrast essay, so think a bit about how that essay form works.

Friday--after IFF, we will have a make-up for the class missed due to the drill. We will take vocab quiz 23 & 24, and we will move to the lab for 20 minutes to give you time to complete a survey Mr. Phillips has requested that you do. With any luck, we might even begin our spring vacation a few minutes early.

Have a great week, remember to turn in your request sheets for career day and write Mr. Phillips an email about graduation, and I'll see you Wednesday.