Thursday, April 25, 2013

African-American Literature: Final Schedule

Class 39: Fri, April 26—Finish The Piano Lesson; update reading journals
Class 40: Tues, April 30—Reading day; bring books to class; journal update at end of class
Class 41: Thurs, May 2—Blues Day; bring the lyrics to a blues song you like; tell us a bit about the artist; play the song on You Tube or iTunes.
Class 42: Friday, May 3—Soul lunch #1 in room 311. Bring a dish that is "representative" in some way of African-American history, culture, or cuisine. Write a one-paragraph explanation of your choice, its history and significance, your reasons for choosing it, and a recipe if applicable .
Class 43: Tuesday, May 7—Soul lunch #2, leave school at 11:15, meet at 11:35 at Mrs. Whites Golden Rule Cafe, 808 E. Jefferson St (40th street to Washington to 8th street: parking is behind the restaurant on 8th street: see map here)
Class 44:  Thursday, May 9—bring vocab books; work day for papers and presentations
Class 45: Monday, May 13—vocab quiz lessons 29 & 30; work day for papers and presentations
Class 46: Tuesday, May 14—papers due, 3-4 pages, on a character or character relationship or idea from outside reading + oral presentation on author background, reasons for choosing, book reviews, personal response, connection to themes or readings from class (5 minutes each)
Class 47: Thursday, May 16—last class; good-byes