Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Subtext assignment--Shakespeare

Preparation of performance text

After you locate and print your text, identify as much subtext as you can. This is the most important first stage of the assignment.

Subtext refers to all the meanings not directly contained in the text.:

Specifically, subtext contains all of the following:

·      Implied stage directions,
·      Character’s thoughts,
·      Feelings,
·      Motives (what is the character’s goal, for the scene as a whole and each part,)
·      Tone of voice (for each speech and for places where it changes,)
·      Movements,
·      Gestures.

Make your paraphrase and subtext easy for us to identify by putting them in a different type face from the text itself. For example, set your additions in bold face to make them stand out from the characters’ lines in the text.  Perhaps add a couple of hard returns between speeches or in the middle of a speech where you add subtext notes.