Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blog groups for writing and responding

I said the other day that for the next few weeks we would split into two groups for blogging and responding. Here are the groups (taken from the order in which your names appear on the list on my blog):

Group 1 (blogs this week for Oedipus, comments next week for Antigone; responsible for reading both pieces of literature):

Aaron, Abby, Alex, Ally, Jillian, Becca, Becky, Caitie, Chelsea, Danni, Dave, Deepa, Eric, Gary G, Emily, Andrew, Greg, Hutch, Ian, Ivy, Todd, Jessi, and Jimmy (23)

Group 2 (comments this weekend for Oedipus or Kafka, writes blogs next week for Antigone, reads both plays): Jonny, Julia, Kaleena, Karen, Katelyn, Lauren and Lauren, Lizzy, Manasi, LeManley, Michele Sue, Aravind, Natalie, Navdeep, Nina, Nick, Piper, Q, Richard, Gary S, Sam, Warren, and Yesenia (23)

Comments: Let's make this work well; here a few guidelines:
*Listen to what the writer is saying; give credit for good ideas
*If you disagree, that's OK, but no cheap shots or mocking; take ownership of your own responses by making "I" statements
*Our comments are public documents, so let's keep the tone civil; no flaming or obnoxious language
*Don't limit your comments to your 5 closest friends; each time you write comments, choose different people.
*In a few weeks, I'll redraw the groups so you will have the chance to comment on different blogs
*I absolutely enjoy reading your blogs and giving you my best possible comments; I hope you will have fun with this also.
*Each time you're in the commenting group, leave 5-10 comments at the end of the week and over the weekend.

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