Monday, January 21, 2008

Blogging Shakespeare

Here are a few suggestions to get you started with the new semester and your Shakesblog:

*One I call Notes & Quotes: find a few of your favorite (brief) passages from the play, copy them from an online Shakespeare source (for the M.I.T. website, click here), and for each one you select, write a few sentences explaining why you chose it. Part of the fun of Shakespeare is exploring the language he uses and the way he says things.
*Write a blog about a character you find either interesting or appealing. Think of characters from other stories who have something in common and explain the similarity. Think of a real person you are reminded of and explain why.
*Go to "Shakespeare and the Internet" (link here) find some interesting material, and write about why it's interesting.
*Choose a scene from the play and explain why it is important to the play as a whole.
*Revisit the list of blog starters on the entry "Your class blog" (click here) for some whopping good ideas you've probably forgotten since August.

As you think of other excellent ideas, let me know.

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