Monday, March 10, 2008

AP English--Week 10 (March 10-14)

Reading: Am I Blue by Beth Henley, for next Monday, March 17. Page 1959 in your anthologies.

Writing: In-class essay Friday March 14

Blog: Post 5-10 comments (observing the amenities of civilized discourse and appropriate school language, please) for the blog posts of your peers from either A Doll's House or Fences. Be thoughtful; give praise where praise is due; add an idea of your own.

Links: Information on the Negro Leagues of the 1920s through 1940s;

An article on the life and career of Josh Gibson, the character Troy is partly modeled on;

Further information about the career of Beth Henley;

A photograph posted by Katie Senzig, class of 2006, with her request that we "vote" for her picture to help her qualify for a scholarship opportunity.

Submit your poetry and short prose pieces for publication in Daybreaks. Send them to,, or

PS--in my world, Thursday the 13th is my daughter-in-law Adrienne's birthday, Friday March 14 is the birthday both of my brother Grant and his slightly better known physicist counterpart Albert Einstein, the 15th is, of course, Beware the Ides of March Julius day, the 16th is my stepson Noel's birthday, and the 17th is our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner in honor of St. Paddy. A week crowded with incident. And my grades are due Monday also. Fun fun fun.