Monday, March 3, 2008

AP--week 9

Reading--Fences, p. 1996 in your anthology. (N.B.--this play was not included in the 8th or 9th editions of the textbook,so if you are using one of those you'll need to find another source of the text.)

Complete the reading by Wednesday, March 5.

Quiz--vocab 25, 26, 27 for Friday March 7. Also a brief video interview with August Wilson Friday.

In-class essay next week. If you didn't blog last week on A Doll's House, please do so this week for Fences.

Here's a list of August Wilson's plays.

Wilson saw writing a play as akin to writing a poem: "you use metaphor and condense." How might this philosophy apply to this play? What cultural forces or historical processes are embodied in his characters?