Tuesday, October 7, 2008

English IV assignments October 8-24

Wednesday, October 8--"Quest" on One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Thursday, October 9--No class

Friday, October 10--No school--Fall break

Monday, October 13--No school--Fall break

Tuesday, October 14--"The Post Office," p. 411 in World Literature anthology

Wednesday, October 15--"Forty-five a Month" p. 495

Thursday, October 16--No class

Friday, October 17--"Interpreter of Maladies" (handout)--end of first marking period; bring vocab books to class

Monday, October 20--"A Sunrise on the Veld," p. 308.

Tuesday, October 21--"Good Climate, Friendly Inhabitants," p. 316.

Wednesday, October 22--Things Fall Apart (paperback), chapters 1-3

Friday, October 24--TFA, chapters 4 & 5, read historical handout, vocab quiz 10-12.