Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ivan Denisovich blog 10.2.09

For your blog entry this weekend, write a short piece entitled “One Day in the Life of (insert your character’s name here).” Your character—your fictional character—may be anyone you choose, very likely a PCDS high school student, but certainly someone whose "day" contains events and routines with which you are personally acquainted (rather than, say, a day in the life of an Imperial Trooper or Wizard in Training). The “one day” you choose should be, as it is for Solzhenitsyn, a representative day, one in which nothing terribly out of the ordinary happens but in which the small events of the day reveal the larger pattern of the weeks, months, and years of your character's life. So: no life or death decisions, no momentous workings of fate, no life-changing events. Just a day, like many others, one which contains within it the tensions, struggles, and rewards, the everyday triumphs and failures, faced by your determined, plucky protagonist.