Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog 4--September 20

Take a look at Beowulf through a pair of eyes other than your own. Pretend to be one of the following characters and write in that voice. Stay true to the content of the poem, but be creative in your presentation of the point of view you choose.

1. You are Wiglaf. Describe your thoughts at the funeral of Beowulf. What thoughts and feelings are going through your mind and heart?

2. You are the Danish coast guard. Describe the arrival of Beowulf and the Geats, including your thoughts and impressions.

3. You are Hreporter, correspondent for Hrothgar's Heroic Herald, otherwise known as the Danish Daily Dispatch. Write your account of the victory feast and celebration following Beowulf's killing of Grendel.

4. Choose another minor character and re-create that character's part of the story in first-person point of view.