Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog assignment #5--Sept 22-26

Please complete before Monday, September 27:

Post at least 5 comments on the most recent blogs left by your classmates last week. Remember, these blogs were either oral presentations or alternative points of view for specific scenes in Beowulf.

Each comment you post should be 3 or 4 "meaty" sentences (thank you, Dr. A).

Be as specific as you can. Point out choices the writer made that you admired. Point out ideas or facts or sentences you enjoyed. Point out things you wouldn't have thought of yourself. Since our blogs are public and this is an assignment, your job is not to be snarky, ironic, sarcastic, or "smack" talk your friends and classmates. Your goal here is to be an appreciative member of someone else's reading public, so that we all have the opportunity to experience writing for a real audience.

Remember, links to everyone's blog can be found on mine. Also, to avoid anyone being inadvertently neglected, please do NOT post a comment on someone's blog that already has 5 existing comments. Move on to someone else's. (You can, of course, avoid this particular issue by being among the first to post your comments.) If you wish to post MORE than 5 comments, you may then go back and post anywhere, even those entries which already have 5.

Any questions?