Friday, August 19, 2011

Assignments Fall 2012

English IV & AP
Schedule of Assignments
Fall 2012

Assignments are DUE in the class for which they are listed

Rotation 1: August 21-29
Class Meeting (CM) #1: Summer reading assigned for the first day, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Class #2: Establish blogger accounts; write first blog entry—What are the most memorable books you have ever read? List 5 – 10 and give a brief reason for each book you include (see instructions on my blog). Copy the url for your blog onto a bookmark note card and turn it in to me as you arrive in class.

Class #3: Blog entry #2—Choose a character, scene, incident, or brief passage from Frankenstein that you have a strong reaction to or that interests you or stands out in your mind. Explain why you made the choice you did.

Class #4: August 28 & 29: Short essay—In light of your reading of the novel as a whole, discuss the passage on page 32 where Victor describes his goals and the work of assembling the creature. Write a short essay (2 paragraphs, approx 300-400 words) showing how Mary Shelley establishes a complex attitude toward Victor’s work at this early stage. Post the file to your blog.

Rotation 2: August 30 – September 10
Class #5:  August 30 & 31. Vocab quiz covering lessons 1 & 2; with your teammates, choose one of the selections of Modern Criticism in the Norton Critical edition (suggestions: Christopher Small, George Levine, Ellen Moers, Barbara Johnson, William Veeder, or Marilyn Butler); read the essay and post on your blog a summary of THREE key ideas from the essay and a few sentences stating in what ways this information gives you new understanding of any aspect of the novel.

Class #6:  August 31, September 4 & 5. Draft of paper. Choose an action or decision from the novel Frankenstein that raises an issue of ethics. Write an essay of three to four pages (approximately 750 to 1000 words) in which you discuss and evaluate the ethical ramifications of the decision or action you choose. Identify any values or principles which motivate the action (or which should have) any conflicts you see between competing values, and any relevant issues such as responsibility, egotism, fear, concern for others, humanitarianism, or others which either complicate or advance the decision. Drafts are due in class for peer review.

Class #7: September 5 & 6. Papers due in class and to Turnitin assignment name: Frankenstein 2012. Bring Beowulf to class. Read chapters 1 & 2, Oure Faire Englische Tung.

Class #8: September 7 & 10. Bring vocabulary books to class; begin reading Beowulf, pp. 3 – 57 (odd numbers only) to line 835. Bookmark.

Rotation 3: September 11 – 19
Class #9: September 11 & 12.  Beowulf, 57 – 109 (odds) to line 1569. Bookmark.

Class 10: September 12, 13, 14.  vocab quiz 3 & 4; Beowulf, pp. 109-161, to line 2367. Bookmark.

Class 11: September 14 & 17. Finish Beowulf. Bookmark.

Class 12: Sept 19 & 20. Read Chapter 3, Oure Faire Englische Tung. Bookmark. Choose topic for brief research blog entry from notes or projects in chapters 2 & 3.