Thursday, August 18, 2011

Starting a Blog

Blog assignment #1

Go to You should be automatically directed to their start page. Follow the "three easy steps" :
--Create your account using a Gmail account and a password of your choice (if you don't have a Gmail account, it only takes a few minutes to set one up). Since your blog will only be read by me and by your classmates, please use your first and last name as your display name; that way I always know whose blog I'm reading and you get credit for having written it.
--Name your blog. Whatever you like, but it's a school assignment, so be appropriate, please. For your blog's url, use firstname-lastname so that we may find each other's blogs easily during the year.
--Select a template for your blog. Pick whichever one you like, with one condition. My eyes are getting older and I can't read text set against a black or dark blue background, so please don't choose one of those templates.

After you create your template, click "start posting" to go to the editing page of your blog. From there, you have one more crucial task. Copy the exact URL for your blog carefully and legibly onto a bookmark card and bring it to me in class.

Finally, one crucial setting. Open the "comments" tab, scroll down, and click the "NO" button next to a setting called "show word verification for comments." This one is important to save us all a great deal of time and bother when we write comments back to you about your blog posts. Click "save settings" before you leave this section of your settings.

When you have completed all these steps, click the "Posting" tab and create your first blog entry.

See the other link for further instructions