Friday, January 23, 2015

AP--notes for submitting papers

Notes for submitting word search papers:
  1. Binders: A small (1") binder will do, or a clean folder with pockets, even a manila folder nicely organized. The first thing in the binder you submit will be the grading sheet with your name on it, then the final copy of your paper, then your draft, stamped by me and edited by two peers, and finally a section containing the annotated printouts of all your research materials with sources clearly indicated. Due in class Tuesday January 27 unless you have received an extension from me (those enrolled in both this class and Art of Composition and one or two others)
  2. Turnitin: Final drafts must also be submitted by that time to (assignment title: I-Search a Word).
  3. Style: Write your paper as a first-person account of your search for the ultimate meaning of your word. Use your sources to make your analysis of the word credible, but connect those sources to your personal quest for the word’s meaning, your previous understanding of the word, and what you learned along the way, both about the word and the research process. You should both summarize and analyze the information you gather from your sources in the body of the paper. Information should be cited parenthetically, linked to a properly formatted list of Works Cited at the end of your paper. If you use a Works Cited web site, pay attention to the details. Don't cite a 13th century manuscript for information you found on a web site.
  4. Sources & length: Pay proper attention to the lists of both required and suggested sources. Most papers in the past have cited between 8 and 15 sources. Length of the final draft will be approximately 5 to 7 pages, somewhere close to 2000 words. If you have more material and wish to go slightly longer, I will be happy as long as you are making your search for meaning interesting and lively.