Thursday, February 19, 2009

AP--week of February 23

Day 1--A Doll House, read act 3. Blogs for the play written by Sunday, 2/22. Comments to be written Monday, 2/23.

Day 2--Continue discussion. Begin work on "Blessay" assignment (for instructions on this assignment and suggestions on revising a blog post into a more fully organized short essay, click here.)

Day 3--Finish discussion of Ibsen. Bring revised blog posts to class for half a work period.

Day 4--Friday, February 27. Blog to essay assignment due, 600-800 words. Turn in both the printout of the original blog post and the revised version. The usual rules for headings. Turnitin assignment titled "Blog to Essay." Also on Friday, multiple choice quiz, part 1 of exam #3.