Monday, February 2, 2009

Shakespeare--February 3 - 12

Tuesday February 3--Continue practicing performance scenes

Wednesday February 4--Annotated performance scripts due, with complete subtext (for your character) and vocabulary notes. Begin workshopping "dress rehearsals" of performances with oral notes from class and instructors.

Thursday February 5--Finish workshopping

Friday February 6--Presentation of performance scenes; KB and LCC take brief written notes.

Tuesday February 10--Read Act I, The Merchant of Venice; which characters are most prominent? How many plotlines does Shakespeare set in motion? How are the plots related to each other?

Wednesday February 11--Continue discussion of Act I

Thursday February 12--Read Act II; vocabulary quiz covering lessons 16 - 18 in Vocabulary for Achievement.

Friday February 13--No school--Presidents' Weekend Holiday