Friday, May 4, 2012

AP Exam Review 2012

A few suggestions to keep in mind from now to Thursday the 10th.
1. Make a list of the literature you've read the past two years. You will need to choose one of these for essay #3 (40 years of topics are available here). Concentrate on the plays and novels, but include Beowulf and Sir Gawain also. For each title, refresh your memory about the names of the main characters, the most important scenes, the setting, and a couple of key themes or ideas. If Othello was one of your favorite pieces, go back into sophomore year also. Having some specific information at your fingertips makes your choice.
2. If you want to look at more multiple-choice questions, check the AP course description for additional materials. Also, several years of essay topics are available here.
3. Look over the poetry vocabulary list I gave you (here's the link). One or two terms may come up on a multiple-choice question, and you will definitely be asked to identify the relevant techniques used by the poet on essay #1.
4. Review the elements of prose style for essay #2: Syntax (sentence structure), Organization (how information is presented), Language (figurative, literal, colloquial, highly poetic), Imagery, Diction (word choice, connotation, denotation), Detail (what is included, what is left out), Irony (always good to note its presence), Point of View (how does it influence our reactions, more sympathetic, more distant), and Tone (overall and especially where it shifts).