Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Short Story final project

The Short Story

Final Project

Spring 2012


Project requirements:


1.     Choose a “new” story, one written since the year 2000. Use the resources in the library to help you locate your story. Choose a story which was “published” by a journal or magazine or in a book; no self-published internet stories.

2.     Make enough copies of your story so that we may all read it.

3.     Assemble a final project with the following content:

4.     An expository element, one or two pages describing a theme or character or idea found in your story.

5.     A biographical component, with information about the author taken from more than one source.

6.     A creative element, designed to accompany your story and to present an interpretation done in a creative format, perhaps rewriting part of the story from another point of view, a letter from one character to another detailing a key decision or moment from the story, a revised, new or different ending, or a visual, artistic collage of images chosen to represent elements from the story.

7.     An oral component, in which you become the teacher for part of the hour, presenting ideas and information from your written project and research to the rest of us.

8.     Projects are due Thursday, May 10 and we will present and discuss both that day and the following day, Friday, May 11.

9.     On May 11, we will finish presentations to accompany our “class luncheon.” We will begin at 12:10 that day and finish by 1:00 for an early dismissal.