Friday, May 11, 2012

Change to schedule (AP)

I'd like to make a last-minute change to our schedule. For those of you not taking the Bio or Physics exams Monday, please come to English class according to our usual day 7 schedule.

There's one piece of content we never got to, the final chapters of Our Faire Englische Tung, pp. 57-78. Try to find time to read those pages; as usual, note your favorite facts to share with others in a brief discussion. Then we will try to set a new freerice record. (For section 1, Tuesday block 1, we'll combine this discussion with a few departing remarks I have for you.)

We'll still have our "final class" ritual on Tuesday and Wednesday, blocks 1 & 2 Tuesday (before and after Awards) and blocks 1 & 2 Wednesday.

Thanks for a good year; I hope the exam went well for each of you. Have a nice weekend and I'll see you next week.